Work Commences

Following his acceptance of our quotation, work has commenced building our first commission.

Before we started we laid out the track so as to roughly mark the final positions of points etc.. We didn’t want to put a cross member where the point motor was going to be! Holes were drilled to mark the position of the tie bars underneath.

We started with a number of 8ft x 4ft sheets of 9mm birch ply. One was cut down to 3inch wide strips lengthwise. These were used as the framing. Another sheet was used as the top along with part of a third to create the full width.
Layout frame, cross members and top
After framing round the outside we inserted further braces across the width. These additional braces had holes drilled in the reduce weight and provide a route to feed cables. Further transverse supports were fitted in an attempt to stiffen the assembly. Finally diagonal supports were fitted to stiffen it still further.

In each of the corners a small triangular piece of ply was added to reinforce the corners as the customer will be suspending the layout from the ceiling. Finally the joint where two pieces of ply join to make the full width board top was reinforced with ply battens.

Once the board had been finished it was given two coats of water based varnish to seal the wood against damp.
Varnishing the underside

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